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Guys, thank you so much for all the wonderful artwork that I've received for my birthday... It was just amazing to get all those drawings, and... Oh, gosh, I've just realized that you gave me points as well!! >///w///<
Thank you, thank you, thank you a thousand times!! XD
I'm going to thank you all with a drawing! ;)
Here I'll show some of the gifts you guys are giving to me!! ^w^…

Thanks a lot, guys, really, the least I can do now is showing your great artwork! ;3
Hey, guys! A quick question for you! :)

If I designed a T-Shirt, would you ever wear it?

And if you did, what would you like wearing?

  • Something like the re-creation of a particular scene from one of the episodes? (Which ones?)
  • A FNAF-styled character invented by me?
  • Gloomy Cat and Bubblegum?
  • ...A Dog's Family?   O_O
  • My logo?
  • Anything else...?   X3

Also, would you prefer a stylized/minimalist drawing, or a "cartoonish" one?

Let me know, I'm very curious to hear your responses! ^^
Hey, guys! :) 
This message is addressed especially to an Italian audience, but you don't have to belong to a particular country to enjoy creativity and excellent drawings! :3

A very good friend of mine (and a school mate at the Genoa Comics Academy) is attending a contest, here in Italy: he's drawn and written the pilot for a comic, and if he wins, he will have the full thing published! :D
It's a weird and grotesque horror story. There's a bit of gore and an incredible amount of brilliant craziness! XD
He did an awesome job, and I suggest you to take a look at it! The text is in Italian, but the drawings are amazing! ;3…

Thank you very much for your attention! ^^ 
Jonathan and I are organizing the place to start working on the tenth part! There are a few things we have to take care of first, and then I'll start animating!! ;) 
It's going to be much more elaborate than the other episodes, I hope you'll enjoy it! ^w^

Hi, guys!
Thanks a lot to all of you for auditioning! ^^
Now I'll be checking all the files you've sent, and hopefully I'll soon announce the name of Chica's voice! :)

Auditions are officially closed!

Please, don't send other auditions for now! ^^'
Jonathan and I will let you know about the results! ;)

End of auditions: September 15th 2015