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Catghost 1 by TonyCrynight Catghost 1 :icontonycrynight:TonyCrynight 243 18 Toy Bonnie vs. Old Bonnie (prize) by TonyCrynight Toy Bonnie vs. Old Bonnie (prize) :icontonycrynight:TonyCrynight 507 40 Springtrap, Robbie and Bugs (commission) by TonyCrynight Springtrap, Robbie and Bugs (commission) :icontonycrynight:TonyCrynight 684 40 Reather, Nasrin and Cyma (commission) by TonyCrynight Reather, Nasrin and Cyma (commission) :icontonycrynight:TonyCrynight 305 11 Charlie with Toy Bonnie and Mangle (commission) by TonyCrynight Charlie with Toy Bonnie and Mangle (commission) :icontonycrynight:TonyCrynight 539 19 The three Robbies (commission) by TonyCrynight The three Robbies (commission) :icontonycrynight:TonyCrynight 374 18 Part 15... by TonyCrynight Part 15... :icontonycrynight:TonyCrynight 667 94 Background Preview by TonyCrynight Background Preview :icontonycrynight:TonyCrynight 437 59 Springtrap from Part 15 by TonyCrynight Springtrap from Part 15 :icontonycrynight:TonyCrynight 538 73 Bendy and the Ink Machine GIF by TonyCrynight Bendy and the Ink Machine GIF :icontonycrynight:TonyCrynight 896 79 Springtrap's Real Identity by TonyCrynight Springtrap's Real Identity :icontonycrynight:TonyCrynight 520 145 Tattletail GIF by TonyCrynight Tattletail GIF :icontonycrynight:TonyCrynight 828 101 One Million Times 'Thanks', Guys! by TonyCrynight One Million Times 'Thanks', Guys! :icontonycrynight:TonyCrynight 620 124 Part 14 Preview by TonyCrynight Part 14 Preview :icontonycrynight:TonyCrynight 907 124 Happy New Year! :D by TonyCrynight Happy New Year! :D :icontonycrynight:TonyCrynight 1,075 107 Merry Christmas, guys! ^w^ by TonyCrynight Merry Christmas, guys! ^w^ :icontonycrynight:TonyCrynight 866 96


Collab2:Young Rossa and Nightmare Foxy by Italian-Angil Collab2:Young Rossa and Nightmare Foxy :iconitalian-angil:Italian-Angil 81 29 Mangle!!!!! - gift for Tony Crynight by xSashax567 Mangle!!!!! - gift for Tony Crynight :iconxsashax567:xSashax567 12 8 Birthday Card for Tony Crynight by TabToons Birthday Card for Tony Crynight :icontabtoons:TabToons 51 26 Happy birthday Tony by ThePirateCoveMan Happy birthday Tony :iconthepiratecoveman:ThePirateCoveMan 35 19
My First FanGroup!!!!!!
Oooooookay,first of all,a Special Thanks to I-Am-A-Shit-Trash for making this Group,I really didn't expect this!!! O///-///O Thank you my Friend,and Thanks for all my Fan/Friends/Watchers!!! >///w///
:iconitalian-angil:Italian-Angil 4 12
My New Fan Groups Icon by LeafBae My New Fan Groups Icon :iconleafbae:LeafBae 12 5 Rossa One eye X foxy by AmandaDrawingss Rossa One eye X foxy :iconamandadrawingss:AmandaDrawingss 28 12 rossa by sarrailpurple rossa :iconsarrailpurple:sarrailpurple 4 4 ~Foxy x Rossa~ by SonicFazbear15 ~Foxy x Rossa~ :iconsonicfazbear15:SonicFazbear15 24 36 Birthday Gift for Tony Crynight (2016) by Kova360 Birthday Gift for Tony Crynight (2016) :iconkova360:Kova360 42 43 AT2: SonicFazbear15 by Italian-Angil AT2: SonicFazbear15 :iconitalian-angil:Italian-Angil 20 8 Request3:Two Sides of Mangle by Italian-Angil Request3:Two Sides of Mangle :iconitalian-angil:Italian-Angil 40 13 Request:Bonbon Indigo  by Italian-Angil Request:Bonbon Indigo :iconitalian-angil:Italian-Angil 25 30 Nene And Tony True Love Glow by Kova360 Nene And Tony True Love Glow :iconkova360:Kova360 22 20 Request2:Teresa Flavia the Tiger by Italian-Angil Request2:Teresa Flavia the Tiger :iconitalian-angil:Italian-Angil 26 32 AT:Sally Qween by Italian-Angil AT:Sally Qween :iconitalian-angil:Italian-Angil 26 29


Catghost 1
I've just come across this new thing on YouTube, at first it looks like something in the tradition of Charlie the Unicorn and Don't Hug me I'm Scared, but cuter! X3
If you like messed up and weird stuff, you should totally take a look, it was uploaded just one day ago, then it's still a mystery. Apparently it's the story of these three ghosts, and they're celebrating the birthday of the hedgehog in the middle. I know there's a meaning, but I can't get it yet!! :P

Go to this link and see by yourself, it's easier than following me! XD…  

The creator is Kris Patrick, he's well-known in the world of YouTube animation, and in fact it's pretty darn great!! :D
Springtrap, Robbie and Bugs (commission)
And this is the last commission of the slot for :iconastaaura:! ^^

In this one I've had the pleasure to draw Bugs Bunny for the VERY first time! XD Actually I have no idea why I've never drawn him, but apparently it eventually happened... And I'm a new man now! UwU

We have Springtrap who doesn't seem very convinced about Bugs's presence, but Robbie the Rabbit (from Silent Hill) is okay with that... And Bugs is just "What am I doing here?"-like! :D

I wish to thank Shelly for her patience, since she really has a lot of that! It was wonderful to work with her, and something tells me I will upload some other artwork for her in the future! ;3

Springtrap © Scott Cawthon
Robbie © Konami
Art © :icontonycrynight:
Reather, Nasrin and Cyma (commission)
One of the rare cases in which I've made a non-FNAF-related commission! XD It's the third of the slot for :iconastaaura:, and in this pic I've featured three of her characters in my style! :3

They are, starting from the left, Reather Kendra, Nasrin Rose and Cyma... I don't know about you, but I find them one prettier than the other! Reather with her fire hair, Nasrin with her stylish look, and Cyma with her intrinsic adorableness! ^w^
I particularly loved drawing them, since I love making anthros, especially if we're talking of pretty ladies! ;)

I tried to maintain the cuteness I felt the first time I've seen them, and I thank of course Shelly for letting me try to draw her characters! :D

Reather, Nasrin and Cyma © :iconastaaura:
Art © :icontonycrynight:
Charlie with Toy Bonnie and Mangle (commission)
Nothing better than spending some time together with friends... This is the second commission I've made for :iconastaaura: featuring her OC Charlie Coyote and two fellows from the FNAF gang! X3
I had already drawn Charlie several times:………

Shelly had the idea of making Toy Bonnie blushing, I can't help loving that bunny as I look at him! >w<
As always, I had lots of fun making them! ^w^

Mangle, Toy Bonnie © Scott Cawthon
Charlie Coyote © :iconastaaura:
Art © :icontonycrynight:
Guys, thank you so much for all the wonderful artwork that I've received for my birthday... It was just amazing to get all those drawings, and... Oh, gosh, I've just realized that you gave me points as well!! >///w///<
Thank you, thank you, thank you a thousand times!! XD
I'm going to thank you all with a drawing! ;)


TonyCrynight's Profile Picture
Tony Crynight
Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
I like drawing, writing and animating.
I love funny horror movies and disturbing animated films.
What else...? Uhm... Oh, yes! I like 70s and 80s music.



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YTLegend0flunk Featured By Owner 17 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I hope that neither you nor Italian-Angil mind me saying that her OC, Rossa, is hot/sexy as H*LL!! nose bleed 
Athenaspinklighting Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New Deviant  Artist
do a Bubblegum and Gloomy Cat series
mettaton-is-boss Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Artist
(what if you did an undertale series?...)
Popplet Featured By Owner 3 days ago  New Deviant
(Please do not take this seriously, it is not meant to offend anyone or anything, it is only supposed to be a joke)


-Foxy cheats on Chica with Mangle
-Chica does what any other upset character would do and runs to a dark corner to think about the situation
-Chica has flammable eyes
-Chica also realizes that she should kill Mangle
-Chica sneaks around like a ninja, while stalking Mangle
-Chica repeatedly chops up Mangle with a machete that she had found lying around in a kids' pizzaria
-Mangle is now ugly
-Foxy finds mangle in her purple blanket that she found somewhere, and hugs her, letting the viewers know that he still loves her loves her, although she looks like she had crawled out of the depths of hell
-Chica casually watches from afar, and regrets hurting Mangle, and wishes she had attempted to kill Foxy instead, because he was the one who cheated on her in the first place (she probably destroyed mangle because it gave a reason for her Deformity)
-Chica sadly walks down a hall and finds a library which, yet again, just happens to be in a kids' restaurant
-Chica smiles at a pink book
-Chica asks the purple rabbit to fix Mangle, and while being robots, this sounds very sexual
-Chica puts the pink book on the table, and shows pornographic robot pictures to Bonnie
-Chica begins to cry because she remembered that her bae cheated on her. Also, ignoring the fact that she CAN cry despite the fact that she is a robot, though Mangle didn't shed a drop of blood while being brutally slaughtered with a machete
-Bonnie holds Chica's hand and smiles at her
-Chica awkwardly smiles back
-Chica continues showing Bonnie the pics
-Bonnie gives Chica a thumbs up for having good taste in Books, and Chica hugs him, causing an awkward moment
-Chica forgets that she wants to help mangle, and brings Bonnie with her because he is necessary for the plot
*Scene change*
-Mangle likes purple blankets and mirrors
-Mangle looks into a haunted mirror, and is spooked because it breaks on its own
-Mangle remembers that Chica exists and how much she hates her, and wants to murder her
-Mangle has red eyes and a scary smile
-Bonnie and Chica awkwardly walk down a dark hall, as they smile at eachother
-Mangle creepily spies on them
-Mangle scratches the wall to make it spookier
-Chica and Bonnie dramatically spin around
-Chica finds a purple blanket and looks at it questionably
-A wild Mangle appears
-Mangle attacks Chica
-Purple rabbit attempts to save Chica, but fails terribly
-Mangle's slow claw takes forever to actually reach Chica
-Foxy saves Chica
-Mangle is surprised
-Mangle's magic eyes turn back to yellow, sees what she had done, and believed she had ruined everything, even though Chica really was the one who tried to kill her in the first place
-Foxy is triggered Because Chica tried to kill Mangle even though he was pretty much the cause of everything
-Foxy walks away, actually thinking that he had hope of finding Mangle
-Chica stops Foxy from looking for Mangle, knowing he is going to do a bad job and shows him a piece of a torn book
-Foxy likes books, so he forgives Chica
-Foxy and Chica make up (would have been cooler if they kissed)
-We then see Bonnie's shock at the sight of Chica and Foxy giving each other googly eyes giving us the hint that he has a thing for Chica
-Chica might like Bonnie too, but she belongs with Foxy
-Chica almost strangles Bonnie
-Bonnie doesn't care
-They smile at each other
-Foxy smiles at a Bow that he found on the floor because it was red, like him
-Foxy asks the robots to follow him down a dark hallway
-Not saying anything, they find it appropriate to do so
-Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy talk needlessly at the end of the hallway taking up the entire episode
-The useless purple rabbit is ignored after he attempts to suggest something to the gang
-They then end up doing exactly what Bonnie wanted to do
-Foxy, Chica, and Bonnie go find Freddy to help them find Mangle because it wouldn't be a good animation without the main character.
-Pedo Bear was spying on the three robots, but they seem to not care, the pointless white fox is the important thing in this situation
-Freddy is busy counting bills, (and somehow people don't find this disturbing that a robot animal is running a restaurant) so he declines helping
-Chica's adorableness persuades him
-Freddy says "okay"
-Chica says "woohoo"
-Freddy Fazboi has joined the squad
*Scene change*
-Mangle sits in a creepy storage area
-Mangle meets a shadow
-Then Springleboo appears
-Springleboo is evil
-Springleboo forces Mangle to marry him
-She accepts because he threatens to kill Foxy
-Springleboo unravels his twisted plan
-Springleboo kills Mangle because that is what every good husband does
-Mangle's soul transfers to the body of a yellow bear that Freddy murdered
-Yellow Bear comes back from the dead
-Springleboo finds the robots
-Springleboo shows off his talent of being able to transfer souls and revive the dead
-Freddy is spooked
-Chica is chicken
-Foxy asks where his girlfriend is
-Springleboo says Mangle is dead
-Foxy is sad that Mangle is dead, even though he left Chica behind like she was nothing and it's apparently okay
-Yellow Bear attacks
-Being a chicken, Chica doesn't do anything and gets smacked
-The weak purple rabbit is mad that his dream bae has been hurt and attempts to punch Yellow Bear
-Once again, he fails
-Chica and Bonnie, the weakest of the four, are down
-Yellow Bear pretends Freddy is a nail, and tries to whack him with a sledge hammer
-We then see that Yellow Bear has really bad aim
-Foxy kills Springleboo because Springleboo killed his girlfriend
-Springleboo bleeds, although he is an animatronic and none of the robots have anything to say about it
-Springleboo rises from the dead for a couple seconds, kills Foxy, laughs, and then dies again
-The End. (So far)
jagnathelamb Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
Wish I saw this comment right after I was so upset because of the Foxy's death. Dude, you made my life happy again. XDDDD
ShyGamer108 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
My life was not complete before I saw this comment. 
Bloodydude34 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Hi there, I hope you're having a great day ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ

CatWoman-cali-onyx Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I really loved part 15 of your Five Night's At Freddy's web series! :D Nod Heart  I hope they bring both Foxy and Mangle back though. :( Tears  And anyway, is there still time to make a contest entry? :) ;) :D
Popplet Featured By Owner 3 days ago  New Deviant
Foxywoxy x ChickityChica, springlyspringle x MangoManglo, Toy ChikityChica x BonBonBonnoby
And FreddyweddyTeddyfwazbear x Fan
Springphoebe Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New Deviant
I like Part 15 . But i'm still Sad about Foxy ❤️💔❤️💔🐻🦊🐰🐤⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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